Keystone Bible Institute

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Fall 2019 Courses Offered:

Monday Evenings 7-9 pm

September 9-November 21

Experiencing God in the Small Group/Becoming a Spirit-Anointed Teacher

Instructor: Dr. Ken Gibson

Experiencing God in the Small Group

Spirit-Anointed Teaching Revelations

Classes and other small group gatherings of believers are to be much more than studies about God. They are to be experiences with God, times of sensing the transmission of the life flow of the Holy Spirit. This course will teach you how to be a Spirit-Anointed Teacher and how to make every class a time of encounter with the Holy Spirit in which each one receives an impartation of the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Cost of $100 plus books and handouts. Total Cost is $145.

Tuesday evenings 7-9pm

September 10-November 19

Biblical Book Study: The Poetic Books

(Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon)

Instructor: Dr. Ken Gibson

In this course you will read these books in a systematically and devotional manner, receive a balanced view of God and His dealings with man, rely on the Author; the Holy Spirit, to speak to you through His Word and enhance your growth by doing this study in a group setting. Cost is $100 plus book and handouts. Total Cost is $125.

Wednesday Evening 7-8:30 pm

September 4-November 20

Historical Study: America’s Providential History

Instructors: Mrs. Christine Kirkpatrick/Dr. Ken Gibson

We will examine the history of America from a Christian perspective. Since God is the author of history and He is carrying out His plan in the earth through history any view of the history of America or any country that ignores God is NOT true history. Cost of $100 plus the cost of books and handouts. Total Cost is $125.

Thursday Mornings 10am to Noon

September 5-November 21, 2019

How to Hear God’s Voice

Instructor: Dr. Ken Gibson

All courses offered by Keystone Bible are based on this course. An excellent study, rated A++ by those who took the class, you will learn how to use four scriptural keys to hearing God’s voice (Rhema). A MUST for every Christian. Cost of $100 plus cost for books and handouts. Total Cost is $130.

Thursday evenings 7-9 pm

September 5-November 21.

The Master’s Plan for Evangelism

Instructor Mr. Jose Esquil Paniagua

A training course of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron who will teach powerful biblical evangelism in an effective way to make the gospel make sense to those you care about. Learn how to by-pass the intellect and speak directly to the conscience-the way Jesus did. Cost $100 plus cost for books and handouts. Total cost is $125. 

Deadline Date for Registration: August 23.


The Campus located at:

Pathway Community Church

1731 W, Philadelphia St.

West York

Keystone Bible Institute is a non-denominational school.

Our purpose is to equip, empower, and encourage believers in their faith and ministry within their local congregations and their communities.

Keystone Bible Institute is a different kind of school that teaches from the Lamed method of using both the left and right side of the brain.